Leicester Children’s Hospital

Raw TV

In 2018, we were commissioned by Raw TV in London to work with them on an exciting new pilot about Leicester’s Children’s A&E Department. The episode focused on a young boy who was diagnosed with Torticollis, which is a dystonic condition defined by an abnormal, asymmetrical head or neck position.

When we researched and looked at the footage we were astounded by the technique and help he was receiving and felt that the pilot was an important step in raising the profile of the Department, condition and staff.

We constructed a series of graphics, working with Raw to form a new, unique feel and style for the graphics, which were completely bespoke. We wanted them to be very clear, but stand out and demonstrate the abnormality and the procedure to cure it.

We would love to create more of this work in future and we believe graphics and animation are a great resource when portraying a sensitive subject.