Colzium Estate and Museum

North Lanarkshire Council

We were commissioned by North Lanarkshire Council to create a 7 minute, illustrative timeline animation, which documents the transformation of the land beneath the Colzium Estate, near Kilsyth, and the historical events that took place there. With its long, tumultuous history, the narrative was split into several chapters, starting from the very beginning of time and concluding in the present day.

Each scene was carefully illustrated and animated to convey the flow of events that have helped shape the land and made it what it is today. The visuals are all the more impactful with the use of sound effects and era-appropriate songs that help to immerse the viewer in the scene, and emulate a time gone by. We have used archive material in each scene to help create a picture of the past, and define the area’s most important events, from natural events, invasions, wars and finally how the local communities have shaped it since the end of WW2.

The film is displayed over 3 x linked 50” LCD screens at the new visitor centre on the grounds and is the starting point for visitors exploring the grounds.