Climate Finance: Together we can make a difference

Art Direction ◦ Animation ◦ Motion Graphics

Our client, Luxembourg for Finance, commissioned us to design a film that would show their exceptional efforts to put climate change at the heart of economics. We proposed an original idea that would build a whole world in 3D to show the variety of landscapes on our planet but to also show how fragile these ecosystems are by designing them to look handcrafted and therefore, unique and fallible.

We designed the handcrafted look by using material such as wood for landscapes, water droplets for clouds and glass for the city buildings. To begin with, the world lacks in colour and landscape features. Using a single camera move, following the path of a river, we move slowly from the dry, desiccated terrain and start to see colour emerging and features becoming apparent with the introduction of solar panels and wind turbines; the start of the reversal of the damage caused by old-world technologies.

From this turning point, we can see the land burst back into life with trees, animals, the difference it can make in cities, and finally we can see how this translates into investments and bonds. Luxembourg for Finance are aware of the changing world around them and have taken the bold step to divest from these old-world technologies and turn their investments towards green and modern technologies that are sustainable and provide limitless resources and employment.

From the design point of view, we were also keen to do something bold and unusual for this infographic. With many corporate videos, text and imagery are the main ways to relay information. We, on the other hand, decided to take a new approach and to design a whole 3D world in which the narrative would unfold as the single, seamless camera move pans over the landscape, revealing the difference just a few smart investments makes on the world.



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