BBC Bitesize ◦ Elements of Art & Design

Art Direction ◦ Script Writing ◦ Production ◦ Animation ◦ Motion Graphics

The commission by BBC Scotland ‘Bitesize’ was for a series of short online videos to help students studying Art & Design across GCSE in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and for National 4 and 5 qualifications in Scotland. Quick, clear visuals, scripted storytelling and the ability to convey key information in a thought-provoking way was priority. Bold visuals that read well on a range of devices was also essential. These were specifically designed to be eye-catching, with imagery that reflects a range of visual and tactile art and design, helping students to retain information. Consideration was also applied to reflect the interests, language and humour of the audience.

As part of the brief, the BBC asked that the films form a suite that worked as part of Bitesize and had a clear, strong and relevant concept with a distinct brand. We achieved this by keeping the environment of each film within the same ‘studio’, creating a coherent visual context. Each concept was introduced and interpreted in a similar manner to avoid confusion between the meaning of the principles, and the use of iconic works of art help students identify the subjects and engage them more readily than the more obscure examples of artistic principles.

The films were created to provide students with an understanding of key concepts and language to help them analyse art and design works (including their own) and better equip them with the planning, shaping and creation of their own work and portfolio. We believe that the appreciation and understanding of art can go a long way to understanding media in general which is crucial in a world where images stream constantly into consciousness.

For the full length versions, visit: Variety, Unity, Texture, Shape, Space, Movement, Pattern, Proportion, Lines, Rhythm, Form, Emphasis, Colour & Balance.



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