BBC Bitesize ◦ Biology

BBC Scotland

The commission by BBC Scotland ‘Bitesize’ was for a series of 26 x short online videos to help students studying Biology across National 4 & 5 in Scotland’s new Curriculum for Excellence.

With scripted storytelling and upbeat soundtracks, we designed these films with a mixture of 2D, 3D and stock footage to clearly and interestingly explain the various biological concepts taught at these levels. The brief was to place these biological processes in the everyday, real world that students can easily comprehend. The idea of scale was also carefully considered as it is important for students to be able to understand comparable sizes (from whole organisms to the enzymes within their cells).

By using clear and interesting visuals, these films are eye-catching, versatile and can be viewed across various devices. Bold and emphasised wording helps students remember key points and subtle use of SFX also helps to underscore these points. As the films were to form a series of consistent episodes, we managed this by initially designing a style guide which informed designers on fonts, weights, placement as well as elements that could be used across several films (backgrounds, bacteria cells, vector art etc.)

Being able to have a clear understanding of the biological processes that take place in nature and within our own bodies helps us to understand ourselves, how to be healthier and helps us appreciate how complex and unique life on earth is.

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N4: Cells & Their Uses, Enzymes, Genetics, Homeostasis, Microorganisms, Nitrogen Cycle, Photosynthesis & Respiration, Asexual Reproduction, Sexual Reproduction in Animals.

N5: Cells & Their Uses, DNA & Proteins, Order of Evolution, Genetic Engineering, Hormonal System, Nervous System, Nitrogen Cycle, Photosynthesis & Respiration (Part 1), Respiration (Part 2), Sexual Reproduction in Animals, Specialised & Non-Specialised Cells, Abiotic Measurement Equipment, Transport & Exchange in Plants, Transport & Exchange in Animals:- Blood Circulation, Gas Exchange, Digestive System.

N4/N5: Sexual Reproduction in Plants