SWG3 Projection Visuals

Art Direction ◦ Motion Graphics ◦ 3D Character Animation ◦ CGI ◦ Live Action Production ◦ Projection Mapping

Playdead was commissioned by SWG3 to create a collection of bespoke visuals that showcased their new arts space and venue. SWG3 is a non-profit, multi-disciplinary arts space and venue in the west end of Glasgow and as part of their plans to extend the space into the old industrial Galvaniser, we produced a series of animations for the launch event. The visuals were projected onto two of the walls, focusing the audience’s attention by using a variety of styles and techniques which helped guide their view as they moved around the space.

The purpose of these visuals was to illustrate the immense size of the space and to bring it to life, allowing the audience and investors to imagine ways of utilising the space. The Galvaniser venue is scheduled to have monthly food markets, major international performers as well as a creative space for art students around Glasgow.

We were given total creative agency, a testament to their dedication to the art community. The visuals were further elevated by having pitch-perfect sound effects, designed by the talented folks BigMouth Audio. Playdead also worked closely with the projectionists and technical experts at Ramsay Events in order to orchestrate the evening to perfection. SWG3 also organised for the evening’s entertainment: a pianist, ballet dancers, break dancers and the SWG3 Promotional film, for which we also provided a variety of graphics.



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